Leah Messers new mother is not worried about her new baby, but is instead looking forward to having a new experience and being a mom.

On Wednesday, Messers daughter Maddie was born and the actress shared a video on her Instagram account of her and her baby crying together on the grand plaza of Grand Plaza Beachfront, Florida.

The actress captioned the video, “This was amazing!!!

Thanks to my beautiful new mom for giving birth to this beautiful baby girl!!

She is so beautiful and adorable!”

Messinger’s new baby girl is Maddie, who is the first of her two sons.

Messingers daughter Leah Messerman, 23, also shared her story of giving birth, telling MTV News, “I’m still a little shaken up, but it was just a big deal.”

She said she was “really excited” for her new arrival, “But it’s just a normal baby bump.

I think it was a good thing.

It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re doing really well, so it’s good.”

Messingerman also shared how her daughter Maddies first steps were just a little “stuttering” when she came into the world, but “It’s really amazing.

I feel like she’s a blessing.”

Maddie’s mom Leah Messeri is a longtime MTV mom and actress who has appeared on several reality shows including Teen Mom 2 and MTV Teen Mom OG.

The MTV star is a former reality TV star with stints on such shows as The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and The Voice.

Moms social media accounts have also been flooded with messages of support and encouragement.