More than 50 of the world’s most expensive hotels have opened across Australia in recent years, but the capital’s beaches and beacheside communities remain largely untouched.

Photo: Supplied The Sydney Morning Herald has broken down the best spots to rent a room in Sydney’s famous suburbs, including the CBD, outer suburbs, northern beaches and even the harbourfront.

The best locations for accommodation in Sydney for a weekend getaway or holiday are listed below, with links to all the available hotels and accommodation options.

Best hotels for Sydney for weekend getaways: The Grand Hotel on Sydney’s South Bank and its nearby waterfront The Grand is a boutique hotel, with a pool, spa and private gym on the property.

The Grand’s two-storey hotel and property features a private beach and oceanfront, as well as a fitness centre and fitness centre with heated indoor pool.

It’s not cheap but the rooms are comfortable and well-equipped, with fitness equipment, a private bar and a sauna.

It also offers a free Wi-Fi connection, and is one of the most popular hotels on the Sydney Harbour.

The Hotel Melbourne on the city’s western fringe.

With a view over the Sydney harbour and an oceanfront setting, The Melbourne Hotel is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get some sun and relaxation on the weekend.

Located on the edge of town on a quiet, tree-lined street, the hotel offers stunning views of the harbour and its surrounding hills.

The hotel’s outdoor lounge and swimming pool offer hot showers, heated outdoor tubs, a full-service bar and the option to book on the website.

The luxury hotel’s rooftop pool is a must for a long weekend get-away.

The rooftop pool at the Hotel Melbourne is located on the roof of the hotel, and the pool features hot showers and heated outdoor swimming pool.

The pool also offers hot tubs and sauna facilities.

The Sydney Marriott on Sydney Harbour’s western side.

With access to the Harbour and a views of Sydney Harbour and surrounding hills, The Sydney Marriot is a luxury hotel on the western side of the Harbour.

Located at the entrance to Sydney Harbour, the Marriot features stunning views over the harbour, and a fully equipped private beach.

With outdoor swimming pools and saunas, this hotel is one to stay for a family outing or for a short weekend get away.

The Marriot also has a fully-equipped indoor sauna with heated showers and saucy showers, and has a full bar and outdoor lounge.

The main dining room has an outdoor pool, sauna, bar, and fitness center.

The bar is open 24 hours a day and offers beer and wine to keep you going.

The Harbourfront is Sydney’s busiest tourist destination and its beachfront is the ideal location for weekend parties and other celebrations.

The beachfront at the Harbourfront, on the eastern edge of the CBD.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, the Harbour is one place where you can get away from the city for a relaxing weekend get out and relax.

Located right across the street from the famous Sydney Opera House, the beachfront offers a perfect place for beach-bashing and relaxing on the beach.

The beaches at The Harbour are renowned for being popular for swimming and boating.

The waterfront area offers a great vantage point and a great place to soak up the sun and enjoy the water.

A fully-furnished beach bar is also available.

A full-featured beach bar at The Marriott in Sydney.

The Marina at the Marina in Sydney Harbour is a great choice for a night out with a group of friends or for family outings.

With an outdoor swimming area and a large indoor swimming pool, The Marina is a place to relax and enjoy some fresh water.

The water at the beach at The Marina in the CBD’s central business district.

The iconic and well known Marina at Sydney Harbour has become a popular destination for all types of events and celebrations.

Featuring a full indoor pool, outdoor sauna and fitness area, The Mariamar is a unique and memorable location for a Saturday getaway.

Enjoy a night at The Marriott and enjoy a relaxing evening at The River.

The River offers an incredible view over Sydney Harbour in the city.

The river offers stunning panoramic views of all the city, harbour and harbourside neighbourhoods, with the water breaking across Sydney Harbour at different times of the day and night.

The perfect place if you want to relax with your friends and enjoy an afternoon out on the water with the stars in the sky.

The Sunset Hotel on the CBD beach.

Located across from the historic Sydney Opera house, the Sunset Hotel offers comfortable rooms, a saunter and a private lounge.

Located a short walk from the Opera House and close to the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge, the rooftop pool and saona are just a short bus ride away from The Harbour.

Other popular hotels in Sydney: The Royal Melbourne Hotel, on Darling Harbour