A trip to The Walking Dead has been replaced by a trip to Disneyland.

Key points:The Walking Dores, the Disneyland version of The Docks, will open on Saturday, November 15The theme park will be the first to open a new theme park at DisneylandThe walkers will return to The Dores on Saturday evening and on Sunday morningThe theme parks will open a walker-only experience for visitorsThe theme-park version of the iconic walkers’ theme park in Monterey Bay is to open its doors to guests, with its iconic doors open on Sunday evening.

The Walking-Dead-themed park, which opened in 2013, has been transformed into a theme park for a new generation of visitors.

The first stop on the first day of its inaugural tour will be Disneyland, the biggest and most popular theme park of the world.

The Walkers will take guests on a four-day walk through the park, accompanied by a narrator who will tell their story, which is the story of their lives and of the town they live in.

The walker’s story, along with the theme park, will be told by the narrator during the walk, with the audience being able to follow along.

A ‘walker-free’ experience for the publicThe theme of the walkers theme park is a story of survival.

It tells the story and experiences of a young man named Abraham Lincoln, who is forced to hide in the woods of Kansas in the middle of winter.

After escaping, he must find his way back to the capital to protect his family.

The theme is being revamped in a ‘walkers-only’ environment.

It will feature new attractions, new stories, and a completely new experience for guests to experience, including the walker experience.

The park will also be the world’s first ‘walk-out’ experience, with walkers being allowed to leave and return to the park for an unlimited number of times.

The Walt Disney Company is hoping that this new experience will draw more people to the theme parks.

The company said it wanted to make a significant change to how people experience their favourite theme parks, and to help it create a new experience that would be a gateway to the worlds of adventure and the adventure-filled Disneyland.

The ‘Walkers’ will return from their adventure on Saturday and Sunday, with a special guest story telling their story.

In the story, Lincoln, the character portrayed by Eugene O’Neill, is trying to find his family after they have been forced to leave their home.

The characters’ story is not the only thing that will change in the park.

A new ‘Docks-inspired’ theme will be introduced in a completely separate section of the park to complement the new park experience.

While there is no word on when the walk of life will be restored, Disneyland has said it will be ready for a walk in time.

It said it was looking forward to welcoming guests to the new walk-in experience on Saturday night.