The “Taco Bowl” is the official Taco Bell franchise, which debuted in the United States in the late 1990s and is now the largest fast-food chain in the world with more than 14,000 locations.

Its namesake, a Mexican dish of chicken, beef, and cheese, was named after the Taco Bell chain in honor of the company’s founder, Robert “Tacito” C. “Taquito” Martinez, whose family first opened the first Taco Bell in the small town of La Habra, Calif., in 1879.

Its popularity has been on a steady rise since the brand was established, with its first location in the nation’s capital, Washington, in 1978, and in 2012, it added the first U.S. location to its home base in Austin, Texas.

Its first television commercial, which aired in 1994, showcased the Taco Bowl’s popularity, including a shot of a taco bowl on a billboard.

In 2016, the chain debuted its own digital series of advertisements featuring food and entertainment that also highlighted the brand’s iconic flavor of chicken.

But it’s not just a popular food and beverage franchise that Taco Bell has been known for.

Its fast-casual menu features everything from the chicken nachos and tacos to the taco salad and the burrito bowl, and its signature breakfast taco is known for its breakfast burrito.

For years, Taco Bell employees have held the world record for the largest number of tacos eaten in a day, with more then 1.5 million in 2015.

In 2017, the Taco bell chain said it would cut the number of employees from 1.3 million to 600,000 as it continued to scale back production.

Taco bell is a fast-growing franchise in the U.K., Canada, and Mexico.

Its most recent fiscal year saw revenue increase from $6.2 billion to $8.1 billion, up 15 percent.

Its biggest franchise in North America is Burger King, which has about 30,000 restaurants in North, Central and South America, and has a U.C. Davis campus.

The chain is expanding to more locations across the U., and in 2020, it plans to expand to New York City, Washington state, and California.

The Taco Bowl has been a staple of American life since the 1920s, but its popularity has risen in recent years.

Last year, its top-selling product was the burritos.

But the taco bowl is the ultimate food item, with fans of the burro’s signature meat sauce and the creamy, sweet sauce, known as bodega salsa.

The burrito bowls are still a staple at fast-travel hubs, and some chain restaurants in the past few years have opened their own taco bowls.

But its a rare treat for customers to go to Taco bell restaurants, as the chain has closed all of its U.T. locations.