Explore our guide to the best beaches in the country for you to book and stay in.

Here are some of the most popular options for your next trip, from the most to the least.

Read more 1/10 Best beaches to visit: In the summer months, the beach is a popular destination for families and beach goers, who can take advantage of its relaxed, relaxed atmosphere and the secluded nature of the beaches.

The popular tourist areas include Blackpool, the Whitsunday, the North Shore and the Whittlesea.

There are also some fantastic beaches in Cornwall, as well as the beautiful and popular Cotswolds, as you head south.

You can also enjoy a swim at Whitsuntide and visit St Helena and the Lighthouse at Blackpool.

2/10 Most popular beaches to stay: The beaches at Blackwater Beach, Penzance and the North Sea are all excellent places to relax in the sunshine.

Blackwater is one of the UK’s best beaches, and Penzances can be very popular for surfers.

The North Sea is another favourite spot, as it is a great place to enjoy a beautiful view and enjoy some of Cornwall’s best diving and snorkelling.

Penzants best beaches are: North Sea, Blackwater, Penzer and the Docks at Penzant.

The Docks is also one of Cornwalls best dive sites.

3/10 Hotels to stay in: Hotels in the south of England are also very popular with families and holidaymakers, so you should be able to find some nice places to stay on the south coast.

The South Coast Hotel offers a large range of accommodation and has an amazing beachfront property.

You may want to book accommodation in the Whittington area, which has a great beachfront, as the property is near to Whittingstone Abbey.

The Whittingston Hotel offers the best accommodation in Cornwall with a large number of rooms.

4/10 Whitsunite beach: This beautiful beachfront estate is one the best to visit on the coast.

It has a fantastic coastline with spectacular beaches, with the North sea and the East Sea.

It is a lovely place to spend a sunny holiday, and the beachfront offers fantastic views of Cornwall.

5/10 The Dorset beach: If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded holiday on the southern coast of England, then you should go to the Dorset Beach Hotel.

It’s located in Blackpool and is one a lovely beachfront resort.

The property is close to Penzancy and Penzer Abbey.

There is also a great accommodation option at Blackfoot Bay, near Blackpool where you can stay in one of Penzer’s guesthouses and enjoy the sea.

6/10 Blackpool beach: Blackpool is the perfect location to enjoy the beach, and is the nearest to Penzer, Penzi and Whitsant.

There’s also a good accommodation option nearby where you may want a quick walk in the sun and a relaxing break from the busy life of life in the city.

The Blackpool Beach Hotel has the best amenities in Cornwall.

7/10 Penzantic Beach: Penzantics best beach is Penzancas Beach, which is located in Penzantes, just a few miles away from Blackpool on the North coast.

Penzes best beachside is the beach at Blackpoint.

It offers a very quiet beachside and is perfect for a relaxing and relaxing holiday.

8/10 Cotswick beach: Cotsswells beach is situated in Cotswall.

It gives a peaceful and relaxing beachside, and has a lovely harbour in the background.

9/10 St Helena beach: St Helena is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of Cornwall, near the coastline and the great North Sea.

The beach is ideal for beach volleyball, snorkel and snooker.

10/10 Lighthouse beach: Lighthouse Beach is a wonderful beach with an amazing view of the sea and sea life.

There have been many popular holidays here and it is the easiest beach to get to from Penzantis or Blackpool in Cornwall and is a very popular destination in the South of England.