Chris Cornell has admitted he was “a virgin” during the recording of the song he recorded with Lil Jon.

The singer said on Monday that he had been “foolish” to say so during the album’s production.

“I was in the studio, the whole process, with Lil [Jon] and my brother [DJ] I’m talking to the people in the house.

I’m telling the songwriters I was a virgin.

That was the thing that got me into the studio with him,” he said.”

He’s not in the song and I’m saying, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, you’ve got a virgin,’ because that’s what I’m hearing from the producers, and I was like, ‘That’s the truth’.”

I said, ‘Listen, I know you want to tell me the truth, but you’re not, you know?

You’ve got the idea that you’re a virgin.’

“I wasn’t kidding, but that was my understanding of what the song was about.”

Mr Cornell said the recording process began with him telling the album producers about his feelings towards the song, which featured the lyrics “the soul mate” and “you’ve got my heart”.

“When I’m singing, I’m really talking to myself, and if I’m not talking to somebody, I just do the singing,” he told the ABC.

“And then you get the words, ‘Soul mate’ and ‘heart’ in the same word.

That was the process I went through.””

So I’m trying to put myself in a position where I’m speaking to my mind and the feelings in my mind.”

That was the process I went through.

“On Sunday, the record label said the song had been removed from the album because it contained an anti-gay message.”

We do not condone any type of activity that includes the promotion of same-sex relationships, including the use of lyrics and imagery to express that,” the statement said.