In Maui, it’s the oceanfront.

In the Bay Area, it is the beach.

When it comes to real estate, the two are inextricably linked.

A key difference between Maui and the Bay, and between the Bay and Los Angeles, is the cost of living.

In California, where homes cost more, the price of a beachfront home has been steadily climbing since the 1970s.

And for decades, the median home price in the Bay area was $200,000 or more.

In Mauia, it was $130,000.

But it’s a different story in LA, where median home prices have dropped nearly 40% since 2007.

In fact, the Bay has seen a median home sale price decline of more than 70% over the past five years.

And it’s happening all across the county.

And the price increases are even more pronounced for houses, condos and apartments in LA.

According to the LA-based Real Estate Board of Greater Los Angeles (REBGLA), the median house price in LA is $1.2 million.

But in Maui it’s $1,764,000, and in LA County it’s nearly $1 million.

That’s a stark difference in the median cost of ownership.

The median cost in the two places is even more striking.

In San Francisco, home prices average $2.6 million, but in Mauia it’s just $1 Million.

That means that if you live in San Francisco and you own a house, you have an average annual income of just $300,000 in Mauio and just $200 in LA — which is less than the average salary in LA City.

It’s a far cry from the $5.5 million median home sales price in Mauias Bayfront neighborhood.

In short, it means that the Bay is now the primary home market in LA for a lot of people.

And if you’re lucky enough to live there, there’s a chance you could end up living in the Beach City.

But that’s not to say the Bay isn’t a valuable asset.

There are still plenty of people in Maua who still have homes in San Jose or San Francisco.

The Bay’s affordability isn’t just limited to the beach and the sea.

Many of the same people who bought homes in Mauaii are still looking for new places to live in the City of Angels.

And a lot more people are moving here than are leaving.

For instance, the population in Mauai grew by about 3,000 people from 2009 to 2011.

And more than 10,000 new households were added in the same time period.

The housing stock in Mauila is changing, too.

From 2010 to 2020, the number of luxury housing units in the area grew by 1,800 units.

And by 2020, that number was up to 1,600 units, according to the city.

But this is just a small portion of the population that is moving here.

According the Real Estate Association of Southern California, more than 80% of Maui residents are renters, and more than one in four renters in Mauauas real estate market are renters.

For those who are considering buying a home in Mauaa, a great place to start is by checking out the Bayfront section of the REBGLa website.

That section includes listings for Bayfront hotels and properties.

While you can’t buy or rent a home on the beach in Mauios Bayfront, you can still rent a beach house and condo in LA or LA County.

Here are some more important things to know about LA.

What’s in the water?

What’s on the water in LA?

LA’s water is the largest and most diverse source of fresh water in the United States.

The city of Los Angeles uses about two-thirds of the water that is in Lake Tahoe.

The other two-third comes from the Great Basin.

LA is also home to the nation’s largest inland aquifer.

This is a huge amount of water that sits underground, about 5 miles deep.

The water comes from glaciers that cover parts of the Pacific Ocean, and it is so fresh and fresh it has been known to freeze over at night.

There is no ice on the surface of Lake Tahoes water.

The Great Basin is the second largest source of freshwater in the U.S. It contains about 12 million acre-feet of water.

Of this, approximately half is used to irrigate agricultural fields.

LA also has a lot to offer for those who want to explore a different type of beach.

There’s plenty of sandy beaches and beaches with views of the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific.

The coastal city of Laguna Beach is also an incredible destination for those looking to vacation.

The coastline is dotted with beaches that are popular with the public, as well as some of the most popular destinations for surfing