You may be tempted to book a villa on the beachfront, but many resorts are now offering luxury villas at other locations.

Here are some of the best options.

The beachfront at the University of Miami: This is one of the few areas in the city where there is a beachfront rental.

The resort offers a beach front pool and a restaurant and lounge.

The location is perfect for families with small children and is a good place to spend a few days on the island with your family.

The pool is located right off the beach and the lounge is on the edge of the water.

The villa is located at the corner of N. Miami Ave and C St. A couple of hours drive from downtown Miami.

The Caribbean Resort at the Disney World Resort: A perfect place to relax on the Caribbean coast with your families and friends.

The luxury villa at the resort features a spa, gym, sauna, a private beach and a children’s play area.

Guests can choose to stay in the villa or take a private car to the beach.

The hotel is also located just across the street from the Disney resort and is close to the Disney theme parks.

The Palm Beach, Fla., resort offers two luxury villae at the entrance of the resort.

The first villa features an elegant French chateau style villa with a beach view overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The second villa offers an open-air lounge with a full bar.

Both villas offer a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Disney Channel.

The Miami Beach resort offers an array of villas, including the villas of the legendary Charles River.

The famous Charles River Resort offers a number of different types of villae, including an island style villae with a spa and an outdoor patio, and a resort style villas with a pool, restaurant, gym and sauna.

The ocean view of Miami Beach and its surrounding neighborhoods is one reason the resort is one the most popular destinations for vacationers.

The Hilton Head Island Resort: The Hiltonhead Island Resort is the most visited resort in the United States.

The island, located in New Jersey, has many amenities and is an ideal location for families and visitors to enjoy a leisurely vacation.

The property boasts spectacular views of the ocean, its Caribbean neighbors and the famous Charles river.

Guests enjoy complimentary dining in restaurants and shops, shopping at stores and museums, and shopping in the resort’s main shopping area.

The Island has the best views of Central Florida and is within easy walking distance of the Walt Disney World resort and the nearby Walt Disney Springs Resort.

The Walt Disney’s Castle Resort is located about 90 minutes from the Hilton Head island and is just minutes away from Disney’s California Adventure Resort and Epcot International.

Guests enjoying a leisure vacation on the Island can enjoy their time at Walt Disney Castle in the comfort of their own homes.

Guests will enjoy an ocean view overlooking Lake Buena Vista and the Caribbean.

Guests who are traveling with family and friends can enjoy a private villa.

The two villas on the resort offer a variety of amenities including a spa with private bathing, a sauna and a large terrace overlooking the lake.

The tropical views of Buena Verde are also a plus.

Guests also enjoy complimentary dinner in restaurants or shops and shopping at a variety, of stores and the resort, which offers a large selection of merchandise.

Guests should expect to pay a lower price than at other Disney properties in Florida.

The Disney’s Magic Kingdom Resort and Spa: Located in California, the Disney’s Magical World of Adventures Resort offers one of our most popular vacation destinations.

Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom resort can enjoy some of our favorite Disney properties and can also take advantage of the special discounts at the theme parks and merchandise shops.

The Magic Kingdom features many of our favorites including our classic attractions like the Matterhorn ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a water slide, a boat ride, and more.

The Resort also has many other attractions and a variety resort activities to keep guests entertained.

The castle is located near Lake Buenaventura, which is one mile away from the resort and about an hour drive from Disneyland.

Guests at the Magic Castle will enjoy the unique and authentic look of Disney’s castle while dining in one of many dining options, including restaurants and cafes.

Guests have access to many of the amenities at the castle including a full dining room with a large television and a spacious kitchen with a variety items.

Guests are also able to enjoy many of Disney properties’ entertainment including fireworks, live entertainment, and much more.

Guests may also choose to explore the parks, gardens and resorts.

Guests’ can also enjoy dining at restaurants and shopping, or shopping in stores and attractions.

The Florida Keys, located near Orlando, has the most extensive shopping and dining experience in Florida and can accommodate a large group of guests. The Keys