Maryland officials have approved a $8 billion resort planned for a $40 million beachfront property on Maryland’s eastern shore, where Marriott will build luxury hotels and condominiums.

The resort, to be called Maryland Beachfront, would sit on the waterfront between the city of Baltimore and Maryland’s capital, Baltimore.

But state officials are seeking an additional $1.2 billion to cover a host of environmental and safety issues, including an extensive cleanup and a significant increase in sea level.

The proposed resort would include an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor tennis court and a beachfront hotel.

The Maryland Board of Aquatic Recreation will review the project’s environmental impact in July and decide whether to approve the project, which would cost $40 billion.

Maryland officials hope the resort will generate millions of dollars in new tourism, creating 10,000 jobs in the state, the governor’s office said in a statement.

The beachfront site in Baltimore is owned by the Baltimore Sun Co., which also owns the property in Maryland Beach.

A developer from the Baltimore group would be the first company to apply for the resort, which will be called the Maryland Beach Resort and Convention and Trade Center.

It will be the latest in a series of new development projects in the area.

The project’s developers have raised concerns about sea level rise, flooding and storm surge.

They have been working on environmental studies for more than a decade and have filed plans for a new resort at the western edge of the proposed resort, officials said.

The development is one of dozens of proposed developments in Baltimore, many of which are also designed to attract tourists, with some costing more than $10 billion.

Maryland officials have said the proposed new resort will be among the most expensive in the nation, at about $10 million per hotel.

Marriott said in April that it plans to build a hotel at the site of a former hotel on the Baltimore waterfront.

The company also plans to develop a hotel and office building on the site, and a resort and resort hotel will be built on the adjacent parcel.

Maryland BeachFront was the first resort in the region to be built with a bid by a private entity.

The proposal to build the resort on the Maryland waterfront came from a consortium led by private real estate investor Robert M. Green.