A couple of years ago, the owner of the Marriot resort near downtown Sarasota Beach was on the brink of bankruptcy.

It had been a struggle for years to make ends meet and the city of Sarasota had put pressure on him to sell the property.

In the end, it wasn’t an easy decision.

A few weeks before the sale, the city had issued a demolition order against the hotel, which was now owned by a private developer.

As the property was torn down, the property manager and his staff found themselves in a tricky situation.

The city had declared the property uninhabitable and it was still in the process of being demolished.

At the time, there were just 10 people in the hotel’s suite.

The only people who lived in the suite were the property management staff and their families, and the rest of the staff lived in apartments that were in need of repair.

The condo management was left in an even tougher spot.

The hotel was already the biggest hotel in town, and as a result, its value was skyrocketing.

It wasn’t clear how much the city planned to spend to replace the hotel and its buildings.

So, the manager of the condo management, John O’Brien, called his wife, Lisa, to let her know that she had a couple of options.

If she wanted to live in the condo, she could choose to rent it out.

Or she could pay to stay in the room.

Lisa knew how important money was to people who had families.

She had a sister who was a senior living in the same apartment.

“I thought it was an amazing deal,” Lisa recalled.

The couple knew it was unlikely that they could get Lisa to take on the risk of renting out the condo to another family member. “

She told Lisa that if she wanted her daughter to stay with her, Lisa would have to find another room.

The couple knew it was unlikely that they could get Lisa to take on the risk of renting out the condo to another family member.

The problem was that Lisa had never had a chance to see the condo before.

She and her husband, Dave, had lived in it for almost a decade and hadn’t paid much attention to it.

“The condo was so empty.” “

We didn’t know what the condo was worth,” Lisa said.

“The condo was so empty.”

Lisa and Dave had a history with the condo.

In 1997, they bought a condo at the same price in Sarasota that was the property of a friend of theirs.

When they moved to Sarasota, they didn’t expect much.

They expected to rent out their apartment to a group of people who were friends of theirs, or a friend’s family.

But they didn`t realize that the condo had been under a demolition ordinance for months.

And, the couple wasn`t sure what they would get.

The property was now valued at $1.4 million and the only income was from the rent they were paying.

The condominium management had lost more than $200,000 in the sale and was now on the verge of bankruptcy and eviction.

At that time, Sarasota Mayor Randy Jones said the city wanted to make sure that the condominium was kept up and operating as a rental property.

But he also recognized that the city needed to do something to make the condo available to as many people as possible.

It was a big decision for the city to make and it came as a huge blow to the condo owners.

But the decision did provide an opportunity for Lisa to make some money.

The mayor said he wanted to help the condo tenants who were struggling financially.

In response to a request for information about the condo at issue, the Sarasota Police Department said that the department was investigating the condo as a potential crime scene and had launched an investigation into the matter.

The investigation has now concluded.

So why would the city want to demolish the condo and start over?

What could have caused the city and the condo developers to make such a decision?

According to city records, the Marriott condo was declared uninhabitability in June 2016.

The owner of that condo, a private real estate investor named Joe Cisneros, had been living there for nearly a decade.

He had never paid much for his condo.

His unit was a six-bedroom, four-bathroom, two-and-a-half-bath home in the exclusive Marriot Beach neighborhood of Sarasotas exclusive neighborhood.

The home was listed for sale on the Miami Beach, Florida, real estate website Hightower Homes.

On March 25, 2017, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection issued a permit to the city for the demolition of the unit and a demolition permit was issued to Cisneras, the condo owner, for the construction of a new