Key West’s Key West Resorts has now been officially opened to the world, with the resort already taking guests from around the world to enjoy its many amenities. 

The resort’s Key Beachfront has been the location of many memorable parties, weddings, family reunions, and other events for years, but this year they’ve added a new element: a hotel. 

Key West Resort has been open since June 2018, and is located just across the bay from Key Biscayne. 

A massive amount of renovations were undertaken to the hotel this year, including a new reception hall and bar area, as well as new kitchens and bathrooms. 

There are also a number of other additions to the area, such as a new beachside playground, a new fitness center, and a brand new gym. 

Check out the entire list of additions below, and be sure to visit the hotel’s website to check out all the updates they’ve been making to the resort. 

Also, as part of their renovations, they’ve also created a new swimming pool, complete with a giant water slide. 

As you might expect, there’s a lot of room to move about on the island, with plenty of room for the various types of guests who want to relax and get a good workout. 

In addition to the pool, guests will also be able to enjoy the resort’s rooftop deck, which is available to guests in all of the resort areas. 

For those who are not looking for a relaxing day on the sand, guests can also enjoy a swimming pool with an ocean view at the resort, or the resort pool is a popular spot for children to play in. 

On top of that, there are also new outdoor pools to choose from, including the Key West Beach Park, a place where you can swim in the ocean, go for a swim, or just enjoy the sunset. 

If you’re looking to get away from the crowds and relax, the resort also has a new rooftop bar, where you will be able enjoy cocktails and local craft beer. 

Finally, the Key Bisket Restaurant and Brewhouse will also have a new location. 

And the resort will soon be hosting its first ever fireworks show. 

While Key West is known for its unique nature, it also has some of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world. 

To help guests experience this unique beach experience, the Resort has set up several different activities to help get you there. 

Some of these include: a kayak ride from the Key Beach Park and the Key Shoreline Park; a walk on the Key Breeze Trail; and, a helicopter ride over Key Bikinis. 

Additionally, guests are also welcome to explore the surrounding areas, such in the area around the hotel, as there are plenty of hiking trails, nature trails, and more. 

Once you’ve finished your stay, you can take advantage of a complimentary food truck and a selection of other activities, including kayak rental. 

All of these things make Key West the perfect destination for those looking for an exciting vacation and to unwind. 

Enjoy this new Key West Resort for yourself! 

If Key West wasn’t enough to make you decide to make Key Bays vacation a dream come true, it’s safe to say it’s now even more exciting for you to explore it. 

Explore all the beautiful Key Boles you can find at the KeyBarks, KeyBiscayne, KeyWest, and KeyBees resorts. 

Find your next destination with this guide to Key Boks destinations. 

Now that you’ve taken a look at Key Bols sights and sounds, it is time to get to know the local locals. 

When it comes to local cuisine, the local are known for their delicious cuisine. 

This is certainly true of Key Bias Key Bakers. 

Whether you’re a fan of a local style of pizza or you’re just looking for the freshest, most authentic, and local food, Key Bases Key Bites are the place to be. 

Many of the KeyBs restaurants offer their guests a delicious buffet meal with the menu changing every day, which makes this a perfect time to enjoy your meal. 

At the Key Bar, there is always a large variety of food to choose, from seafood to a wide selection of salads, soups, and sandwiches. 

However, for the more adventurous guests, there may be a new and exciting menu that they will definitely want to try. 

We’ve just made sure to add a few of these new Key Bar items to our list, so keep checking back for more.