On Thursday, we decided to put our money on the best hotel in Las Vacas and the best destination in Las Vegas.

That decision was not easy.

Las Vegas was once known as a very safe city, but in recent years there have been several deadly shootings in the city.

We’ve been covering these tragedies and their aftermath for years, and have seen how important it is to know what’s in your own back pocket.

Now, the city is under attack, as the attacks have become more frequent and deadly.

The worst was the March 24 attack on a crowded music festival that left 49 dead and more than 1,000 injured.

The next attack, on March 26, left 58 dead and nearly 1,100 injured.

Since then, the attacks on police officers and civilians have increased, but it seems that the trend will continue.

The latest is the shooting at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip on March 21, when Stephen Paddock opened fire and killed himself.

We thought it would be safe to choose one of the best hotels in Las Vegas to find out if it was worth the extra cash.

We chose the Virginias Beachfront Hotel in Vegas, but there were other choices in Las Vallecas, and some were more expensive than others.

Here are some of our picks for the best places to stay in Las Venegas.


The Sands Hotel Las Vegas is a coastal resort town and the city has seen a steady increase in crime in recent months.

While the crime rate is higher, we think the hotel is a safe place to spend a night or two.

Las Vegas has been known to be a very dangerous city for a long time, so we think it’s safe to be in Las Las Vegas.

We think it will be a good place to have a quick and fun stay.