The US Coast Force has a new maritime patrol vessel.

The USS R/T Cesar, which will arrive in Belize on Tuesday, has been selected by the US Navy as part of a new class of maritime patrol vessels that will be used to help guide ships and aircraft as they patrol the Great Ocean Highway between Belize City and the Caribbean nation’s capital.

The R/TCS Cesar is expected to arrive in the Caribbean early next year.

The new vessels are equipped with advanced technology to enable rapid navigation and patrol capabilities, the USN said in a statement.

The ship’s crew of around 1,200 will serve as command and control and communications specialists, and will be supported by a dedicated crew of sailors and engineers.

The ship is a replacement for the R/TB-16 “Golden Hurricane” amphibious assault ship, which was retired in December.

The R/TSC Cesar was originally designated as the Navy’s only combat patrol ship, but was replaced by the new R/C/S Custer II in 2015.