Beaches and resorts are getting increasingly popular as Airbnb and other online rental websites gain popularity in the region.

And there are a few options to choose from when you’re searching for a beachfront vacation rental in NJ.

While there’s no shortage of options, here are some of the best options for beachfront rentals in New York City, and some tips to help you choose the right place.


Wollaston Beach: Located at the end of the Queensboro Bridge, Wollastons beachfront property boasts a gorgeous view of the harbor.

The location is ideal for summer vacations or even for weekend getaways.

There are multiple beaches to choose, including the famous “Cape Triboro,” which boasts a stunning ocean view and the most popular beach, with more than 8,000 coves.

There’s also a nice lagoon area for surfers, as well as a boat launch on the beach, making the beach a popular destination for the locals.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in New England, Wolls beachfront home is a must.

It’s located in the heart of the Wollaster District, and its proximity to NYC makes it a great choice for a weekend getaway.

If that’s not your thing, you can rent a tent on the property for a very reasonable rate.


Lake Shore, NJ: Located on the western shore of Lake Shore in New Hampshire, Lake Shore is a popular vacation spot, with several beachfront properties and a beach house to boot.

The property has a great view of Manhattan, and there’s also ample space for a large group.

There is also a kayak rental at Lake Shore.

The best part about Lake Shore’s beach is that the property is on the East Coast, so you don’t need to worry about crossing the Atlantic Ocean in order to see the waves.

However, there are two water hazards that can occur if you’re camping in the area: If you camp in the back of the property, you’ll have to wear a life jacket.

And if you camp on the sand or beach, you may be vulnerable to beach debris.

You can also get caught up in the beach’s tidal currents.

However you choose to visit, Lake Shack is the best option in terms of amenities.


Long Beach, NJ : The most popular destination in Long Beach is Long Beach Beach, and it’s also where you’ll find the beach house and the beach.

If your goal is to enjoy a beach vacation, this is a great option.

There will be plenty of places to enjoy the water at the beach and at the shore, and you can also take advantage of the popular surf spots on Long Beach Island.

The beach house has a small, comfortable pool for surf.

There’ll also be a large sand bar to relax in while watching the waves come in.

You’ll also have access to a boat ramp that will take you to the beach on the nearby island of Long Beach.


Atlantic Beach, NY: Atlantic Beach has two beaches that are great options for a holiday vacation.

The two beaches at Atlantic Beach are the Atlantic and Atlantic Heights.

Both beaches are in the Atlantic County and both have beautiful beaches.

The Atlantic Beach house offers two swimming holes for beachgoers, while the Atlantic Heights property has an excellent pool with a large, private deck for those with larger families.

The house also has a large pool, and the Atlantic Beach beach is a fun spot for kids and families.


Ocean City, NJ / Atlantic City, NY / Beach, MD: If your plan is to go on a beach holiday in the winter, then you’ll want to go to Ocean City Beach.

It is in the Gulf of Mexico, so the waters are colder and warmer than the ocean, but there are plenty of spots for beach fun in Ocean City.

There aren’t many beaches in the entire city, so Ocean City has a number of great spots to enjoy.

Beach houses are located throughout the city and in many of the surrounding towns.

The most notable beach is the Atlantic Point Beach, which has several restaurants and shops nearby.

If the beach is too cold for you, you might want to take advantage by visiting Beach Point, where you can go swimming in the water, as the ocean is too hot for swimming.

You might also want to visit Beach City, which is located on the eastern shore of the island of Ocean City and offers plenty of activities for kids.


Lakewood Beach, CO: Lakewood is one of the most beautiful beaches in Colorado, and Lakewood has a beach home with several swimming holes, including a pool with water slides, and a large paddle board area.

The Beach House also has several different areas to enjoy while relaxing on the lake.

The Shore House, located on Lakewood, offers a great location for a vacation, with a nice beach for surfing