It’s an old question, one that many hotelier have pondered for years, but this year’s issue of The Globe and Mail is giving them an answer: it’s a question they’ve never asked themselves before.

“How do you know which hotels are best in the world?” says Marjorie Marchese, the executive editor of the Marseille Times, which has owned the beachfront Hotel de la Maison du Louvre since 1968.

“The answer is, we’ve done some research, and we know that the best hotels are in the Maritimes, because they are the ones where people go when they want to go to a beach or have a picnic.

So we think that Maritimers are the most hospitable and they are very generous.”

She adds that most of the best hoteliers are located in the eastern Maritime, but she also has the Marchesels, which are located further north.

“They are really the closest to the coast, so it makes sense to them,” she says.

“If you have a problem with a hotel in the area, the answer is to go and visit the closest one.”

But while the Marches are the obvious choices, other hotels are also good options, and there are also many others in the region that are not.

“There are many hotels that are really wonderful,” says Marchesel.

The Sheraton Paris, in Quebec City, is also well-regarded. “

The Marchees, for instance, have a five-star hotel on their property in Montreal.

The Sheraton Paris, in Quebec City, is also well-regarded.

And the Hotel du Marche has a five star hotel on the island of Saint Barthélemy.

“That’s the tradition we have.” “

It’s because the Marques have such a strong tradition in the marques of staying in a place for a very long time,” she explains.

“That’s the tradition we have.”

What to do when you don’t know what to do If you’re in the process of booking a vacation, you may be looking for a particular hotel that you don,t know what you’re going to do. If you don