Malibu Beach Hotel in pictures, Malibu, California – This hotel is in the heart of Malibu and is the closest hotel to the beach and is one of the best beaches in California.

Located on Malibu’s Malibu Pier, it is just one block from the Malibu Convention Center.

This hotel also has many other options to stay at Malibu including a pool, a gym, restaurants and bars.

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Check Out Malibu Hotel In Pictures Malibu is known for its beaches and beachfronts, and it is also home to the Malburbank Aquatic Center, the Malbay Aquarium, and the Malbiz Theater.

This Malibu hotel is just a block from all of these places.

You can also go to Malibu to enjoy the amazing Malibu City Beach Park, Malbaball Beach Park or the Malboni Aquatic Park.

For more information about Malibu visit the official website at: or visit the Malabar Beach Hotel at: Malibu has been named one of Forbes’ 100 Best Cities for Business, Business Insider’s “50 Best Cities to Work in 2018”, and is a top 10 destination for Millennials.

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