Beachfront bungalis have long been an appealing option for homebuyers seeking affordable housing, especially in the state that is home to the world’s largest expanse of ocean.

But the properties in Hawaii have not always been well-served by affordable housing.

Today, there are no affordable housing projects in the nation’s capital, with more than 2 million residents.

And there are several new developments, including several that could help push up the prices of some of the most desirable rental properties.

A new development is under construction on the shores of Oahu’s North Shore.

The developer says it is one of the first developments to add affordable housing units to the market in decades, adding to the existing supply.

And the developer is not alone.

Developers are building dozens of new rental units, including two in the heart of Waikiki, which is expected to generate about $1 billion in tax revenue in the first two years of operation.

The proposed development at the North Shore would be built on about 10 acres of land near the Waikihinani Marine National Monument.

It is located in the neighborhood of Waianae, a suburb of Honolulu.

The development is owned by a developer from New York City, but plans call for a developer-owned entity to own the land.

The land is about 1,200 square feet, about three quarters of a lot, and it will be developed in phases.

The developer says the unit will be affordable to residents of the neighborhood and will be able to be leased by the developer for a fee of $150 a month.

It will include about two units of 2,400 square feet.

The company says it plans to offer a range of amenities including 24-hour access to a 24-foot-wide, decked-out deck, a full kitchen, and a shared living area with private laundry.

The building will have an outdoor swimming pool and a rooftop deck with views of the ocean.

The property also includes a fully equipped rooftop deck for the public to use.

The new development would also include more affordable housing than the current rental units.

The unit will have a monthly rent of $700 and will cost $2,200 to $3,300 a month depending on the size of the unit.

A developer-operated development on the beach in Waikikummi.

(Kelsey McNamara/AP)The new building would include 2,200 sq. ft. of market-rate apartments and 2,600 sq.ft. of co-op units.

A co-operative project with the developer will also include about 2,100 sq. feet of market rate apartments and 1,800 sq. foot of co to apartments.

The total area will be about 7,000 sq.

Ft., and it would be priced at about $4,300 to $5,300 per month.

The project will be located on a small, undeveloped site just off the North shore of Oahi Bay.

It is the second affordable housing project announced in the area in less than a week.

The development in Waianai, near the Northshore, is a new development of about 8,000 square feet that will be built next year.

The developers say they are committed to making the site available to all the residents of Waaihi, including families and seniors.

The new development in the Northland is expected by late 2019.

The construction of the Waianalani Beachfront Residence is scheduled to begin in 2019.