Maui, Hawaii: More than 3.2 million visitors visited the islands last year and the Big Sur National Park was one of the most visited destinations.

But Maui Beachfront Hotel Kauai, which opened in 2015, was the biggest visitor attraction, with a peak of 3.35 million visitors, according to hotel data.

“It is an amazing day to visit Maui and our visitors are definitely one of our biggest draw,” said the hotel’s president, Jim Dickey.

Maui is a tourist-friendly island with a rich cultural heritage and unique culture, and is one of two islands in the Pacific Ocean to be recognized by UNESCO.

It is also the home of the Hawaii Institute of the Arts.

Kailua is a resort town and has a population of just over 3,000 people.

It has been home to about a million visitors since the resort opened in 1991.

“We were hoping to see some of our favorite attractions such as the Mānoa Museum, which is in the midst of its 60th year of operation and is an important symbol of our culture,” said Michael Hickey, a visitor and director at the Mūmauā Museum.

Maukii is the largest island of the Big South, with about 3,800 square miles.

Its capital, Waianae, is home to more than 7,000 tourists.

Hawaii is home of some of the best surfing in the world, with surfers such as Michael Phelps and Justin Gatlin surfing their way to Olympic gold medals.

It also has some of America’s best skiing, snowboarding and water sports.

It boasts some of Hawaii’s most famous attractions, including Waianāi Bay and Oahu’s iconic Waikiki Beach, which attracts thousands of visitors daily.