The Cove, the newest condo development in Palm Beaches, is being marketed as the cheapest beachfront condominium in town.

But it comes with a lot of drawbacks.

The development will cost an average of $1,600 a month for a condo that would normally cost about $1.2 million.

The unit will have a deck with views of the water, and will include a balcony with a view of the beach.

It’s about 40 feet from the ocean, according to developer David and Mary Lee.

But the condo will be about a quarter of the price of the same unit in a newer condo in downtown Miami.

That condo has views of both the beach and the water.

And that’s not the only disadvantage.

The unit will not be ADA compliant, meaning you will need to have a wheelchair or stroller for the unit’s first two floors.

The condo is designed to be used by families, but it has a floor that is just for bedrooms, which is not ADA compliant.

The Lee’s told the Palm Beach Post they are looking to build a condo at their site.

It would cost about an additional $600 a year to build.

The site is not on any of the city’s development sites.

The developers are selling the condos at the “premium” price, with the caveat that the condos will not have any parking, according the Post.

There’s been some backlash against the development.

A resident at the condo complex told the Post, “It’s just a shame it’s not a nicer place to have your own home.

The city doesn’t need to be subsidizing luxury condos.”

The developers told the paper that there are no plans to expand into the condos, but that they will be able to add parking.