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When the beach breaks, the water comes in…

Beachfront Inn Orange Beach in California, a luxury resort with a $250 million beachfront property, has been closed for the summer, after a massive sinkhole opened up in the roof
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When a hurricane closes in on you: The latest news and forecasts for Maui, Hawaii

Maui is experiencing its most intense winter on record.At least three hurricanes have been forecast to churn through the island over the next few weeks.The first is expected to pass over the weekend, bringing tropical-storm force winds to Maui and affecting coastal communities, and the second will pass over Sunday night and

How to buy a luxury beachfront home in Miami and Tampa

How to build a Miami beachfront resort vacation home with a beachfront condo and condo-style villa?With the Miami and Florida resort communities, we offer the luxury of having a luxury vacation home, whether you’re buying a condo or a beach front villa.With the number of vacation homes and vacation rentals in Florida

How to Get a Holiday at Laguna Beach Hotels

With the season winding down, many vacationers are heading to the beach for the weekend.But while the beach is full of people, there’s one thing that few of them are

What’s new for beachfront camping?

Beachfront camping is one of the hottest new camping trends in Florida, and the latest edition of Next Big Futures has an exclusive look at the latest trends and trends

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