Beaches in Hawaii have always been the premier destination for luxury vacationers, but the island’s new mayor is making sure that’s no longer the case.

In a recent speech, Mayor David Buhman pledged to build a $500 million beachfront park on Maui and Hawaii Island, which would include a large beachfront property and a luxury hotel. 

“We’re going to be making a commitment to build this park,” Buhmans said in February.

“It will be in the heart of our island.

We’re going see if we can get the city council to approve this, and if we do, we’ll be able to have the park within the next three years.””

We’ve been planning for this, so the idea is to build the park on the waterfront,” he added.”

And we’ve got to have a way to build it on the beach.

We’ve been working on that.” 

Maui, where the city is located, is home to several major resorts including the Big House, Maui Club, Big Wave, The Wharf, the Maui Channel and the Big Island. 

The mayor also announced that a new hotel is being built on the island and that construction on the project will begin this year. 

Maurice Lau, the city’s general manager of economic development, said that while the park will be on the coast, it will be used to provide more amenities for the residents of the island. 

“[It’s] going to include a new restaurant and hotel, but also a park, and a new community center,” Lau said.

“We want to do this right here, in our island, in the midst of our people and their families, and in a place that has a lot of pride and heritage and history.” 

Lau added that the city will also be working to make sure that the park stays open past the holidays. 

Lung said that the project, which is expected to be completed in 2019, will allow for more people to stay on the islands, as well as allowing people to visit Maui on their own and to the mainland. 

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