Dublin city is the world’s most visited beachfront destination with more than 100 hotels, restaurants and shops across the city, and it’s been the site of many of the most memorable events over the years.

We’ve rounded up the 20 most popular beachfront destinations in Dublin.

We’re ranking them from the most popular to the least popular.


Beachfront Inn and Suites Hotel: 1.

The Clifton Hotel, Dublin 1.

Clifmont hotel, Dublin 3.

The Irish Inn and Bookshop, Dublin 4.

Beach Resort Hotel, Limerick 5.

The O’Connor Hotel, Cork 6.

Biltmore Hotel, County Meath 7.

The Maelbeek Hotel, Carlow 8.

The Coney Island Hotel, Donegal 9.

The Gorman Hotel, Galway 10.

The Ritz Hotel, Mayo 11.

The Holiday Inn Dublin 12.

The Beach Resort, Limurgan 13.

The Biltwell Hotel, Meath 14.

The Big O Hotel, Tipperary 15.

The Sandstone Hotel, Offaly 16.

The Tivoli Hotel, Kerry 17.

The Waterfront Hotel, Louth 18.

The Royal Biltweys Hotel, Leitrim 19.

The Oceanfront Hotel Cork, Limport 20.

The Grand Hotel, Drogheda The Cliffs Hotel, Wicklow The Irish Hotel, Co. Kildare, Dublin Dublin is the only city in the world where the beachfront can be enjoyed with an evening of local food and drink.

There are over 200 hotels and guesthouses, restaurants, and bars that cater for the tourist, including some of the world famous beaches.

It’s easy to get to, and the weather is always pleasant.

Hotel prices vary, but some of Ireland’s best hotels are located on the beach.

It is recommended that you book online first, as hotels often close around the same time.

The hotels are well known for their friendly staff and their excellent service.

We found The Cliffside Inn and Hotel to be the best value in Dublin, with its spacious and relaxed lifestyle.

You can book at least a week in advance, although they often close on busy nights.

Rooms start at €130 and can be booked up to three days in advance.

The hotel offers great facilities, including a private bar, spa, and swimming pool.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, you can rent a flat bed for €100-150.

You also can book with a group of up to 10 for €300-400 per night.

Dublin is also a popular destination for holidaymakers, as there are over 70 international airports, many of which are on the city’s south coast.

Some popular locations are the Ballymun Airport, Co Kilda, Dingle Airport, Mayo Airport, Dublin Airport, and Cork Airport.

Dublin also has some great beaches.

There is the Shannon Beach, the Irish Sea, and Longford Beach.

The Shannon Beach offers some of Dublin’s best surfing.

The beach at the IrishSea is particularly popular and the beaches of Co Kells, Dungarvan and Sligo are great for swimming.

The beaches of Clonmel, Co Dublin, and Offaly are the most visited beaches in Ireland, with the Cliffs, Sandstone, and Clonmacnoise beaches also well-known.

Other popular beaches include Clonmore Beach, Kildalough, Derry, and Shannon.

All beaches have sand volleyball courts, and there are beach bars.

It may not be a popular beach for visitors, but it is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

Many Irish-owned and operated hotels offer great value accommodation, and if you’re travelling in Europe or the Middle East, it may be worth considering booking accommodation in a hostel.

Dublin has a number of great restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy the day out, and even has its own famous pubs, pubs and cafes.

There’s no shortage of restaurants in Dublin as well as pubs, bars, restaurants or clubs to try out and enjoy your drinks.

Dublin City Council has a list of pubs and bars in Dublin that you can visit, and we’ve compiled the best places to find a good drink in Dublin city.

Read more: Hotel guide Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland, Ireland’s Capital, Dublin Castle, Dublin Source: Tourism Ireland, Lonely Planet Ireland, Irish Times Hotel list Dublin City is one of the safest cities in Ireland and is considered one of Europe’s most secure cities, with no terrorist attacks or attacks on tourism targets.

With a population of just over 11 million people, Dublin is one the most peaceful cities in Europe.

Dublin, Dublin’s capital, is known for being a popular and friendly city for visitors and locals.

Dublin’s city centre has a mix of traditional Irish pubs and restaurants, as well the city has a vibrant and diverse arts and culture scene.

Dublin and the surrounding area has a wide range of attractions to visit.