— Airbnb hosts arrested in California after charging guests for a trip to the Caribbean have been booked on another cruise.

The Associated Press reports that three of the people arrested were arrested Thursday at a hotel in Santa Cruz and booked on a cruise to Tahiti.

The AP reports that one person was booked on the cruise to the island of Tahiti on March 4.

Airbnb said it was aware of the arrests and had no comment.

A California Department of Corrections spokeswoman says the people booked on that cruise were arrested on Monday on misdemeanor charges.

The AP says that the hotel was in the process of moving guests to another room.

Airbnb also said it is working with law enforcement to help with the arrest.

Airbnb, the largest U.S. online service, says it has 2.3 million hosts worldwide and says it doesn’t host illegal listings.

The company’s chief executive, Brian Chesky, says his company’s reputation is at stake as it faces stiff competition from services like Craigslist.

Airbnb says it was fined $40 million by the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority last year for failing to tackle a “cyber crime epidemic.”