Beachfront hotels, by Marriott, Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, and Marriott International, are the priciest in the industry.

But there are a few options for people looking to make a little extra on a night out.

The three hotel chains have three different hotel prices.

In a new post, we’re taking a look at how each of them stacks up to their rivals.

Here are the hotel prices and reviews for each hotel:MarriottMarriott, which has an 80% occupancy rate, has the best deals.

Its new Marriott Gold offers a 50% discount for first-time bookings.

And its Gold and Platinum rates have the lowest room rates in the market.

But its the $200 per night rate that’s the most attractive, with the average cost of a room at the two-star hotels starting at $1,400.

The Hilton has the second-lowest room rate at $850.

Hilton and Marriott share a long history.

The former was founded by brothers Howard and Charles Hilton, who bought the company in 1954.

Harold and Katharine, Howard, and James Harlick were also the original owners of the Hilton, which went through several incarnations before relaunching as Hilton Garden in 1973.

It also has a history of providing low-cost accommodations, such as at the popular Bayfront Inn.

Hilton has also been in business for decades, but its occupancy rate is just 22%.

It has an average room rate of $1.75 per night.

The average cost is $1 for a two-bedroom.

The new Hilton Garden Hotel offers a $1-per-night rate.

The Hilton Marriott, which is owned by Hilton, is in the middle of the pack at $2.50 per night, with a minimum price of $600.

When it comes to the average room price, Marriott is on par with Hilton.

Marriott and Marriott’s lowest-priced hotel, the Hilton Garden, is just $750 per night for a three-bedroom suite.

The two hotels are a little pricier than other chains, but you can get a better deal with an out-of-state booking.

Hamburgers and steak restaurants are a popular choice for some guests, but they’re not cheap.

Hotel Indigo, which serves the upscale, upscale restaurants in Boston, offers a discounted rate of up to $500 per night and offers a five-night minimum stay for $1/night.

A three-night stay at Indigo is $2,500, and a four-night stays is $3,000.

Honda’s Platinum, which specializes in the upscale hotels in Miami, is the cheapest of the three hotels, but it’s the lowest in the list.

The cheapest rate is $750 for a four bedroom, and $1 (plus tax) per night is a minimum.

H&M, which opened in 1999, has an 85% occupancy rating.

It has one of the best rates in all of the industry, averaging $1 per night per room.

It’s also one of only two chains that don’t charge taxes for out-door stays.

Hyatt has a higher occupancy rate than the other chains.

It averages $2 per night in-room rates.