In May, a $1.2-billion project in Bali to redevelop a once-vibrant downtown city park attracted the ire of locals and locals alike.

The project, called Bali’s Ledge, includes a shopping mall, a golf course, a spa, an indoor concert venue, and a hotel and hotel condominiums.

But residents and some locals have been vocal about concerns about a lack of affordable housing.

“We are a city that was built on the back of the Chinese.

We need to be able to live in harmony with the Chinese people and our culture,” said Zuhar Taha, a resident of the historic Bali Beachfront Hotel, located in a district that has been largely empty for decades.

The development project has faced criticism from locals and environmental groups who say the proposed development has been poorly planned, with some communities worried about the impact on the environment.

A new hotel, resort, and office complex is planned for the city of 3 million people.

The new project was first announced in May and the project’s development plan is now in development.

In October, a local community group released a report calling for more housing for the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as for the construction of a shopping complex that would attract a diverse array of businesses.

Residents are also concerned about the development project’s impact on wildlife and the environment, and some of the residents have expressed concerns that the project could negatively impact the Bali Sea.