The “Dance With the Devil” trailer for “Dancing With the Dragon: Songs of Innocence” debuted on Netflix on Tuesday and has already sold more than 1.8 million views on the service.

The clip was originally released by director Jason Blum, who directed “Dirty Dancing” as well as the 2015 remake of “The Shining.”

Blum directed the video, which also features music from “The Lion King.”

The trailer was directed by Matt Taylor and features footage of the song’s lead singer, Jake Johnson, performing the song in a nightclub.

Blum has said that the video is meant to serve as a wakeup call to people who believe the Disney Channel, Pixar, and Marvel movies are all good and not to criticize the company, but he has also been accused of being a racist.

“Dying with the Demon” was originally scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 25, but Blum pulled it after he was accused of having racist comments made about him.

“I think it’s very clear that my views on racism and the importance of people of color, in particular, have changed over the years, and I think that the Disney Company has a responsibility to speak out against it,” Blum told Variety in May.