Beaches in the San Marcos National Wildlife Refuge near Galvis Bay, Texas, can be a little confusing.

But the San Mateo County-owned beachfront Inn Beachfront Hotel near Lake Travis is no different.

Its a beachside inn with two restaurants and two rooms for $99 a night.

You’ll find it just steps from the beach, just a few minutes from downtown San Mateos and the Texas Panhandle.

“We have a really nice dining room,” said Gina, the owner of the Inn Beachhead.

“We have all kinds of breakfast, brunch, dinner and a few specialty items.

And we have a pool table and spa, so that is a really great amenity.”

Gina said she found the Inn to be the perfect place to stay on the beach.

“I just really love it here,” she said.

“I think it is just so beautiful.

You can just sit down and relax.”

Gins said she was pleasantly surprised when she found out about the inn’s offer to take reservations.

“This is the first time I have actually had a hotel room,” Gina said.

The Inn Beachheads offers an excellent dining experience, a great pool table, spa and hot tub.

It is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and guests can stay up until 1 a.p.m.; on weekends, it opens from 5 a.l.m.-10 p.l., and 3 a.g.m.–8 a.s.m..

“I think the best thing about it is that you can really see how much you are helping the environment,” Gina added.

The inn has a number of beachfront rental options, including a beach house with two-story deck, a houseboat with three-foot-wide deck, and a large-scale beach house.

Guests can also get a massage on-site.

The Inn Beach Head is open from 6 p.r.m-1 a.n.m and 10 a.r.-1 p.w.m, and reservations are $55 for a two-night stay.

“The most important thing for me is that they are always providing food, which is a big part of the food menu,” Gina told ABC News.

“If they have something that you need or are hungry for, they are going to be happy to help you out,” she added.

Gins and her husband are staying with their dog, a German Shepherd mix named Sammie, in the new, renovated hotel.

Sammie and Gina are in the process of finding a house to stay with, Gina said, but the Inn will accommodate them.

“It is a wonderful place to live, and I have been here a while,” Gina joked.

“The hotel is just a beautiful place.”

For more information about the Inn, call (817) 743-7242 or visit their website at