New Jersey residents who love to vacation in Newport Beach are in for a surprise.

The beachfront resort, which is about 20 minutes from New York City, has been the location of several high-profile real estate deals.

Now the town is looking to get its own version of a beachfront condo or townhouse, which are typically more affordable and located in the suburbs.

The developers of the townhouse complex plan to build it in the oceanfront town of Newport Beach, which currently sits just a few miles away from a major thoroughfare.

The project will include a swimming pool and other amenities, including a gym, tennis court and other activities.

Newport Beach Mayor Joseph S. O’Brien told The Associated Press that the project will also include an outdoor deck with an outdoor movie theater.

The townhouse is being developed by a local developer who will also be responsible for any future development in Newport, he said.

A group of Newport beachgoers have formed the Newport Beach Residents’ Association to promote the project.

They hope to help make the project more accessible to residents.

The townhouse would include a pool, tennis courts and a playground, which could also be rented out by the beachside community.

The developers have agreed to provide an additional $100,000 for the project, and a city program that will help fund construction and rehabilitation of the project is expected to be approved in December.

O’Brien said the beachfront townhouse project would help the town’s economy and be environmentally friendly.

It will also allow Newport Beach residents to take advantage of the city’s beachfront amenities, he added.