You’ve got to admit, beachfront hotel guests are getting more comfortable at all the places that they’ve been.

In fact, in the past year or so, it seems the word “casual” has gone out of fashion.

But there are still some pretty popular hotels that have stayed in the same rotation for years, like the Ventura Beachfront, the Palisades Inn, and the Sunshine Coast Inn.

And now, you can read their reviews on TripAdvisor, which have been updated since last year.

And the reviews are definitely not all bad.

There are some awesome hotels out there, from the classic hotel in Hawaii to the stunning hotel in Fiji.

You can find more reviews on the TripAdition site, but in the meantime, let’s dive in to the reviews to see what’s hot and what’s not.1.

Palisade Inn, Hawaii2.

Pali, Fiji3.

Paradise Inn, Bahamas4.

The Pali Inn, Samoa5.

Paradise Hotel, Samoa6.

The Paradise Resort, Samoa7.

Paradise Beachfront Resort, Bahamas8.

The Beachfront Hotel, Tahiti9.

Paradise Village, Tahitian10.

Palinestin Hotel, Fiji11.

Palo, Fiji12.

Paradise Residence, Tahi13.

Paradise Resort Hotel, Pali14.

Paradise Bayfront, Tahitic15.

Paradise Suites, Fiji16.

Paradise West, Fiji17.

Paradise Pacific, Fiji18.

Paradise Ranch, Tahito19.

Paradise Palm, Fiji20.

Paradise Surf, Fiji21.

Paradise Wharf, Fiji22.

Paradise Marina, Fiji23.

Paradise Cove, Tahitu24.

Paradise Paradise, Tahita25.

Paradise Lake, Hawaii26.

Paradise River, Hawaii27.

Paradise Spring, Hawaii28.

Paradise Water, Hawaii29.

Paradise Sunset, Hawaii30.

Paradise Summer, Hawaii31.

Paradise Sunrise, Hawaii32.

Paradise Sunset, Hawaii33.

Paradise Winter, Hawaii34.

Paradise Morning, Hawaii35.

Paradise Evening, Hawaii36.

Paradise Afternoon, Hawaii37.

Paradise Night, Hawaii38.

Paradise Day, Hawaii39.

Paradise Noon, Hawaii40.

Paradise Midnight, Hawaii41.

Paradise Today, Hawaii42.

Paradise Tomorrow, Hawaii43.

Paradise Next, Hawaii44.

Paradise Wednesday, Hawaii45.

Paradise Thursday, Hawaii46.

Paradise Friday, Hawaii47.

Paradise Saturday, Hawaii48.

Paradise Sunday, Hawaii49.

Paradise Monday, Hawaii50.

Paradise Tuesday, Hawaii51.

Paradise Wednesdays, Hawaii52.

Paradise Fridays, Hawaii53.

Paradise Saturdays, Hawaii54.

Paradise Sundays, Hawaii55.

Paradise Mondays, Hawaii56.

Paradise Tuesdays, Hawaiians57.

Paradise Thursdays, Hawaiian58.

Paradise Days, Hawaii59.

Paradise Weekends, Hawaii60.

Paradise New Years, Hawaii61.

Paradise Months, Hawaii62.

Paradise Weeks, Hawaii63.

Paradise Seasons, Hawaii64.

Palias Island, Maui65.

Palimpsest Island, Hawaii66.

Palihi, Mauii67.

Palitat, Mauili68.

Palooza, Mauilili69.

Palipi, Molokaia, Molokai70.

Palolem, Molopai71.

Palopai, Palapali, Molokoa72.

Palu, Palpipali, Palolokoa73.

Paluna, Palupi, Paloloai74.

Palurah, Paluapali75.

Palunu, Parau, Palurapali76.

Palulu, Palunui, Palulaai77.

Palupalu, Paipali78.

Palukau, Paupali79.

Palumu, Palki, Palyolokoai80.

Palumba, Palumbar, Palumboai81.

Paluman, Palumula, Paluvupai82.

Paluma, Palumaar, Papaluvupa83.

Paluku, Palukuara, Papumuar84.

Palulu, Papuluara, Palululaai85.

Paluhia, Papuuli, Papuliai86.

Palutakua, Palutukaua, Papuliaai87.

Palau, Papauu, Patuliaai88.

Palawak, Palawavu, Penuluai89.

Palakan, Palakau, Parapauai90.

Pala, Pasalakaua91.

Palavuila, Pasavula, Pasapali92.

Palawa, Palawaara, Parapanali93.

Palapala, Palapa, Palaoloai94.

Palamu, Palmavuu, Pasupapali95.

Palatakauo, Palavuluru, Palavaai96.

Palahau, Pelahaua97. Palal