In the past, luxury beach front rentals were exclusive, expensive, and not really something you would want to rent out.

In 2015, however, luxury vacation rentals were a thing of the past.

The number of luxury beachside rental companies is soaring and the amount of vacation rentals on the market is on the rise, as more and more vacation rentals are being rented out by vacationers themselves.

For example, the number of vacation rental companies in 2016 is estimated to be up by 15 percent, with an estimated $2.8 billion in annual revenues.

In 2016, vacation rentals accounted for about 40 percent of all rentals.

However, luxury rental properties are only one facet of the vacation rental market, and the luxury vacation industry is a very big one.

This infographic from Luxury Vacation Rentals illustrates the types of vacation homes that are available in 2016 and provides some insights on the types and locations of luxury vacation homes.

If you are looking for a luxury beach home, you can search for a listing online for that specific type of property.

The infographic also gives you an idea of how the vacation industry in general is growing and how much money is being made from luxury vacation properties.

Luxury vacation properties are also growing rapidly, as many luxury vacation rental properties have recently expanded their range of properties to include more types of properties.

The luxury vacation property industry is estimated at $1.8 trillion dollars in annual revenue.